A Big Thank You

As a child, I was always told to write ‘thank you’ letters and I feel this is a thank you letter I should really like to write.

Sue has been waiting for a knee replacement for what seems a hundred years and then on Tuesday 14th January, whilst she was doing  her stint at the village shop, I received a telephone  call from the hospital to say that if she could be there by 7.30 am the next day, there might be the chance of an ‘op’. Needless to say, we said yes of course!

There were four offers from people in the village to take her regardless of the ungodly hour. Suffice to say all was organised and at about 3.30pm that day she had her operation. That evening I received fourteen telephone calls, asking was all OK, and over the next few days fourteen cards arrived!

I think this goes to show what a caring village Hawkchuch is, and our sincere thanks goes to all the lovely people who showed their feelings. Huge thanks to all of you, for all your good wishes and help and this does include all the lovely dog walkers! So a big thank you from Ruffie, Sue and me. 

Eric Chandler

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