Connecting with the Grandchildren

Social distancing is difficult at the best of times but when it means you can’t hug your grandchildren it is even harder. There are some innovative ways emerging for grandparents to keep in touch with children and have some fun.

Take some familiar toys or objects and place them in your garden partially hidden. Take a picture and send it to the grandchildren to see if they can find the ‘hidden’ objects.

Write a story involving you and the children and send it to them to read.

And a story can be a collection of things. Collect together the memories of a day that tell a story. Send the ‘letter’ to your grandchild and then use it as a conversation piece next time you and your grandchild have a phone call.

Read them a bed time story over the phone, facetime or whatsApp chat.

If you have ways you stay connected please let us know and we will share them. If you have any ideas about what we can do to develop the ‘kids corner’ of our website get in touch!

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