The Olive – Gardening Club Talk 12th February

TheSpeaker: Caradoc Doy, a garden explorer.

Our next talk is coming up. Do join us to learn more about olives, their history, uses and how to grow them in the British Isles.

The olive is a powerful ‘Tree of Peace’ and has long been associated with immortality, having a strong symbolic and spiritual significance throughout history. Caradoc has been growing olives in the UK since the early 1990s and has brought the variety Olea europaea ‘Peace’ into cultivation.

In recent years olive trees have gained in popularity as an ornamental garden plant. Interestingly, the oldest olive in Britain is now over 100 years old.

This talk recounts some of the stories connected with the olive through the ages, outlines its uses and symbolism and advises on how to grow olive trees in the British Isles today.

12th February in the Village Hall at 7.30. Non-members are welcome to attend for a £2 fee.

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