Walking in the Countryside

Walking has many benefits. New research suggests that light physical activity such as walking may safeguard mobility in older age. It has also been found to reduce arthritis related pain and walking several miles a week can even prevent arthritis from forming in the first place. It protects the joints, especially the knees and hips, by lubricating them and strengthening the muscles that support them. It also boosts your immune system and your mood. It’s good for your dog too and provides a great opportunity to enjoy nature in the surrounding countryside. You may even make some new friends.

Hawkchurch has a total of 39 footpaths and bridleways with some stunning scenery and whilst some of them are hilly those closer to the village are less demanding and most of the paths link with one another, even if there is a bit of road work in between.

Below, there is a map which you can download and print out as two A4 sheets showing the two halves of the Parish. All of the routes are numbered and some of them are connected by green lanes/unmetalled roads, others require a bit of road work in between. Some routes are more challenging than others but those nearest the village are all easy to walk.

Download maps:



East Devon has a scheme “Devon Loves Dogs” for responsible dog owners, it’s free to join and offers many benefits.


Please respect the Countryside Code which has recently changed. Below is a summary of the main points:

Respect everyone • be considerate to those living in, working in and enjoying the countryside • leave gates and property as you find them • do not block access to gateways or driveways when parking • be nice, say hello, share the space • follow local signs and keep to marked paths unless wider access is available Protect the environment • take your litter home – leave no trace of your visit • take care with BBQs and do not light fires • always keep dogs under control and in sight • dog poo – bag it and bin it – any public waste bin will do • care for nature – do not cause damage or disturbance Enjoy the outdoors • check your route and local conditions • plan your adventure – know what to expect and what you can do • enjoy your visit, have fun, make a memory

For the full guide please go to:


If you find problems on the paths you can report them here:


Or email Roz: rozzi.fox@gmail.com

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