Agenda Parish Council Meeting 26th May 2020

Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe FILCM Chartered MCIPD
5 Halletts Way
EX13 5NB
 01297 34444

I hereby give notice of a Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 26th May 2020 at 6pm. This meeting will be conducted by Skype

J.F. Vanderwolfe JF Vanderwolfe
Clerk to the Council
19th May 2020

The public can participate in the meeting as directed in item 2 of this agenda

1. Apologies :
2. Public Questions and Statements: The public can submit questions to the clerk by Monday 25th May, or can apply to the clerk to speak at the meeting. Such an application must be made by Friday 22nd May.

3. Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct: Councillors are reminded of the need to declare any Declarations of Interest, either at this stage of the meeting, or as soon as they become aware of the interests.

4. Minutes: To adopt the minutes of the Council meeting held on the 18th February 2020 as a true record

5. Matters Arising from the Minutes that are not an agenda item

6. To receive written reports from the County and District Councillors

7. Police and Crime Commissioner Meeting at All Saints on 28th February: to receive a written report from Cllr Churchill

8. Finance

a) Accounts for Payment
b) Financial Update
c) Confirmation of adequate business risk management and internal control for year ending 31st March 2020
d) To approve the Governance Statement for year ending 31st March 2020
e) To approve the Annual Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2020
f) To accept the Internal Auditor’s Report
g) To agree that as both annual gross income and annual gross expenditure of the authority did not exceed £25,000 for the 2019/20 year, that no limited assurance review is required by an external auditor, and that a Certificate of Exemption be issued
h) Section 106 Update
i) Tractor Attachment –Cllr D Searle to report

9. Highways and Rights of Way (please report highway defects via the Highways website)

10. Covic19 Working Group Report and any other issues

11. Planning To deal with the following applications

a) 20/0879/LBC Castle House: Demolition of range of outbuildings and replacement with one storage building and the installation of casement doors to house annexe
b) 20/0878/Ful Castle House: details as 20/0879/LBC
c) 20/0861/Ful Land east of Brimley Cottage: Construction
d) Other late applications, if agreed by the meeting

12. Items of Urgency

13. Date of next meeting:TBA