Parish Council Meeting Minutes 16th October 2018


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe Chartered MCIPD, MCMI Newenham
5 Halletts Way Axminster EX13 5NB
01297 34444
Minutes of the Council Meeting held at the Hawkchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 16th October 2018

Present: Cllr’s R Churchill (Chairman), D Searle, S Bartlett, T Greenshields, R Fox and J Baker

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe), and nine members of the public

597 Apologies
An apology had been received from Cllr I Hall
598 Election of Chairman
Cllr R Churchill was proposed by Cllr J Baker; seconded by Cllr D Searle. There were no further nominations and Cllr R Churchill was elected as chairman and made the Declaration of office
599 Election of Vice Chairman
Cllr J Baker was proposed by Cllr Fox and Seconded by Cllr D Searle.
Cllr Greenshields had been proposed by withdrew in favour of Cllr Baker. Cllr Baker was therefore elected as Vice Chairman.
600 Declarations of Interest
There were no Declarations of interest made at this stage of the meeting.
601 Minutes
The minutes of the Council meeting held on the 18th September 2018 were adopted as a true record.
602 Matters Arising from the Minutes
A response (via email) had been received from Toby Russell who had made the Devon Air Ambulance presentation in September clarifying some questions that had been asked at the meeting. The clerk was still awaiting an answer from the Salisbury Diocese regarding the permission.( Minute 584)

Cllr D Searle stated that he was less than happy with the summary of the previous meeting that had been published in the Hawkchurch Magazine. Members however generally felt that the item mentioned was a fair summary of what had been said.
603 County and District Report
No report received

604 Democratic Period
No items
605 Co-option
Mr John Horrocks had applied to fill one of the casual vacancies on the Council. He had previously served on Feniton Parish Council before moving to Hawkchurch. He has lived in the parish for two years. It was unanimously agreed that Mr Horrocks be co-opted onto the council
606 Finance
a) Accounts for Payment: HMRC £155.00
b) Financial Update: The financial update was circulated and agreed.
c) Section 106: Cllr T Greenshields informed the meeting that whilst the officer dealing with item was back in post there was a backlog of correspondence to deal with, therefore we were no further forward in knowing the full amount available in this fund for our use. Agreed that we request £1,700 of Section 106 funding towards the repairs to the Tennis Court. The other items could be looked at in the future.
607 Planning Applications
18/2071/Ful South Ridge, Blackpool Corner,Axminster, Two storey extension This had been dealt with under delegated powers; and was supported.
608 Planning Determinations
a) 18/1530/Ful Deanswood, Blackpool Crner. Two storey extension. Approved.
609 Highways
The town clerk was asked to chase the re-accreditation of Chapter 8 for the Lengthsman. There was a question as to whether the badger problem that had closed a road had been solved or not.
610 Rights of Way
A new bridge for footpath 16 was on order.
611 Correspondence
612 Items of Urgency
613 Date of Next Meetings
Tuesday 20th November 2018