Parish Council Meeting Minutes 17th October 2017


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe Chartered MCIPD, MCMI Newenham
5 Halletts Way Axminster EX13 5NB
01297 34444
Minutes of the Council Meeting held at the Hawkchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 17th October 2017 at 8pm

Present: Cllr’s N Over (Chairman), D Searle, S Bartlett, J Baker, T Greenshields, S Matthews and R Churchill

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe), Cllr I Hall and 12 members of the public.

389 Apologies
No apologies received.
390 Declarations of Interest
Cllr N Over declared a personal interest in payment under agenda 8a for his expenses.
391 Minutes
The minutes of the Council meeting held on Tuesday 19th September 2017 were adopted as a true record; and were signed by the chairman.
392 Matters Arising from the Minutes
a) Speedwatch: PCSO had contacted the clerk to say that a survey needed to be undertaken prior to the introduction of the scheme
b) Playfield Lease: The clerk was dealing with this item
c) Playfield Use: There was a question of who was covered under insurance. Regular user groups should have their own policy in place. Casual users would be covered under the council’s policy for certain items. It was felt that there needed to be a formal arrangement in place for each organisation using the field.
393 County and District Report
Cllr Hall informed the meeting that expenditure for the Zig-zag lines on the road outside the school had been authorised; and was awaiting the works order. He had spent time with our Highways Officer, Brian Hoare recently and would be happy to have a tour with councillors of hot spots for attention within the parish. There were serious concerns about the recent decision to close the 6th form facility at the Axminster Community College. This decision would be looked at by the Education Minister as it was mainly down to funding. Axminster Town Council had applied to the

Government for a special grant to enable the eastern by-pass to be commissioned.
394 Co-option of Councillor
Mrs Roz Fox was elected to fill one of the vacant positions on the Council. The vote being 7 in favour; 0 against.
395 Democratic Period
It was alleged that there were vehicles on the highway within the parish which did not have the necessary vehicle tax. A vehicle had recently been reported to the police.
396 Planning Applications
A planning application (17/2212/Ful) had been received after the publication of the agenda, and it was agreed that it should be commented on at this meeting. The application was to erect a building around an existing silage clamp at Northay Farm. The meeting agreed to support the application.
397 Planning Applications Dealt with under Delegated Authority 17/2265/Ful 1 Red Pit, Hawkchurch: Single storey extension. The application was supported.

Some revised plans had been provided in respect of 17/1270/Ful – proposed battery storage barn south of Pound Road. The action group would be making their comments. The application would be dealt with at the next Development Control Committee meeting at the Knowle.
398 Planning Determinations
A full list of recent determinations by EDDC was circulated to members prior to the meeting and is attached to the minutes
399 Section 106 Update
The chairman distributed a very comprehensive report in relation to the funds available within the parish applicable to Section 106 funding.
Applications for consideration would be sent to the clerk.
400 Finance
a) Accounts for Payment: The following accounts were agreed for payment: Mr N Over £394.65 (914), HMRC £139.60 (915)
b) Financial Update: The meeting was provided with a financial update, which was agreed. The chairman of Finance stated that she had inspected the Bank reconciliations, which were in order
c) External Auditor’s Report & Conclusion of Audit: Grant Thornton had declared an unqualified audit, which concluded the audit. They had made a comment about the precept which was not in fact correct. The clerk would contact Grant Thornton on this point.
d) Memorial Fund: Cllr D Hull had contacted the clerk to say that he would like the fund wound up and the amount left in the fun used for floral display in the Rope Walk area. It was agreed that the matter would be further investigated in the spring when the

daffodils are out so that any gaps can be seen. It was also suggested that a Cherry tree could be planted in memory of the Hull family.
The clerk would contact Cllr Hull on this matter.
e) Memorial Bench: Resolved that this bench be purchased from John Bright at the cost of £600 plus Vat. Cheque 916 was therefore authorised for payment at a value of £720.00
401 Highways and Rights of Way
There had been an incident following a deposit of mud on the road, which had been worsened by heavy rain. The owner of a coach company had complained via email to the clerk. The clerk had forwarded the correspondence to the chairman who had contacted the landowner and the person making the complaint.

It was agreed that an updated inventory would be made of all grit bins in the parish in preparation for the winter.
402 Former Telephone Box
BT had contacted the clerk to acknowledge payment of the fee for the purchase of the phone box. The equipment would now be taken out by BT.
403 Wadbrook Fund
The clerk suggested that an application form be designed and criteria be set for the distribution of grants following receipt of these funds. He suggested that a yearly ceiling limit be set. The meeting agreed with this and asked him to prepare draft documentation.
404 Items of Urgency
405 Correspondence
a) Cllr J Baker had tendered her resignation as Parish Paths Partnership (P3) co-ordinator due to being very busy with other commitments. The chairman thanked Cllr Baker for all her hard work and commitment to this scheme. Mrs Roz Fox had volunteered to take over this position; and this was agreed.
b) The Axminster Committee of the Devon Association of Local Councils will be holding a talk on highways at the Pippens Centre, Axminster on Tuesday 24th October. Tom Vaughan and Brian Hoare from Highways would be in attendance.
c) Highways were holding their Annual seminar on the 10th November. The venue will be Willand Village Hall. Cllr N Over will attend.
406 Next Meeting

Next meeting Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 7.30pm