Parish Council Meeting Minutes 18th December 2018

Minutes of Hawkchurch Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 18th December 2018

Present: Cllr’s R. Churchill (Chairman), D. Searle, S. Bartlett, T. Greenshields, R. Fox, J. Horrocks. In Attendance: Eight members of the public.

633. Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Ian Hall, Cllr Baker and PCSO Chris Bolsover.

Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct: Cllr Bartlett declared that she would receive payment for the bulbs she purchased for the Ropewalk.

634. Minutes the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 20th November 2018 were adopted as a true record.

635 Matters arising from the Minutes

A member of the public suggested that the phone box could be used for a flower display. It was agreed that further input was necessary and that it should be published on Facebook and in the local Shop and discussed at the next Meeting.

636 District & County Report

Cllr Hall was absent so there was no report.

637 Democratic Period

A member of the public had written in to say that during last Winter the lower part of Brimley Road as far as Coate Mead Farm, was covered in thick ice because water was spilling across the road due to a lack of drainage, from the entrance to the Public Footpath, down to Coate Mead Farm. This made it very dangerous for both vehicle and foot traffic alike. In heavy rain the water runs down the opposite side of the road past the drives of the houses until it reaches the drain outside Coate Mead Farm. The water often then bypasses the drain and goes into the garden of the Farm. On investigation it had transpired that there is a concrete channel all the way down the lane running as an extension of the drain at the top half of the lane but that this channel has been engulfed by the grass bank and not maintained to keep it clear. After some discussion Cllr Greenshields said that he would ask the Lengthsman to clear the gully and drain out.
638. Ropewalk

At the last meeting it was agreed to investigate ownership of the Ropewalk. Cllr Searle stated that his father was quite certain the land belonged to the Parish. Cllr Greenshields asked him if

he would swear an affidavit to that effect and Cllr Searle said his father would do so if necessary. It was agreed to carry out a Land Registry Search to see if the land had been formally registered.

639. Finance
Accounts for Payment: The following accounts were agreed for payment: Lottery Wins £125; Alistair Down £60; Salisbury Diocesan £675; Mrs Bartlett £59.94 , Firecheck £14.40 and Tiverton Town Council £22.32.
Financial Update
A cheque for £250 had been received from the Axe Valley Show for the Night Landing Site. The financial update, of budget v actual, had been circulated prior to the meeting and was adopted.
S106 Update
Cllr Greenshields had emailed to chase the matter up but there was only one person working and she was on holiday until 9th January. Matters were getting “very frustrating”
640. Planning Applications

a) 18/2587/PDQ Barcombe Farm – recommended for approval
b) 18/2622/Ful Broom Close – recommended for approval
c) 18/2683/Ful Philleyholme Mill – recommended for approval
d) 18/2085/Ful Caravan at Hawkmoor Farm – recommended for approval providing it was for agricultural use.
e) Dealing with planning applications between meetings – it was not thought necessary to have extra Planning Meetings.
641. Determinations: None 642. National Parks and AONB.
The Survey connected with the Glover Report ended on 18th December. A case for including Hawkchurch in the Dorset and East Devon national Park had been submitted to keep all the options open. It was pointed out that Hawkchurch had an interesting history and could trace its roots back to the Paleolithic period whilst the land had been farmed since Saxon times. It had been part of Dorset until 1896.
643. Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Horrocks said this only really covered planning but that the Parish Plan covers local issues too e.g. the village shop. Some preliminary work had been done on an NP in 2017 but the conclusion had been not to proceed at the time. Cllr Greenshields said there were several cases where NPs had been overridden.

Since the last meeting, a new proposal for East Devon and Blackdown Hills Landscape Character Assessment had been put before the Council by EDDC. Cllr Horrocks said he thought this would be a better way forward than a Neighbourhood Plan, which needed constant updating, providing “its teeth were strong enough”. The assessment went into great detail as to the type of terrain to be found in each area and what makes it special.
Hawkchurch comprised two main land types, LCT3A (upper farmed and wooded valley slopes) and LCT3B (lower rolling farmed and settled valley slopes).

Additionally, members of the Parish Council had received information from the EDDC on the Draft Heritage Strategy (2019 – 2031) which is a summary of our heritage, its significance, its management and its benefits, with an action plan for the delivery of our recommendations.

It was agreed to hold a Meeting on 8th January with Cllrs Horrocks, Churchill, Greenshields, Searle, and Fox, to discuss all the various options available to Hawkchurch and report back to the Parish Council Meeting in January.

644 Highways and Rights of Way

Cllr Greenshields said he had a stock of sandbags and salt for gritting and it was agreed to publish notices on Facebook, in the Village Shop and on the Parish Notice Board listing the emergency contacts Cllrs Greenshields and Searle, using local numbers only (no area codes).

Cllr Greenshields also reported that the Lengthsman had been out to do some work but had missed one or two places which needed clearing urgently, including the top of Wareham Road by the turning to the Fairwater Head Hotel. The gaping hole made by the badgers at Red Pitt had now been repaired and the road was passable again.

645 Rights of Way

Cllrs Searle and Fox reported that there had been an incident with the electric fence being maliciously damaged on Footpath 42 which runs from behind the Church to Courshay. Both DCC and the Police had been informed. The new bridge on Footpath 16 (Stonebarrow to Roughmoor) was now installed and the route was finally open again after many months of closure. A gatepost had come out of the ground on Bridleway 17a (Stonebarrow to B3165), and the gate had been removed from the post and tied on with rope making it impossible to open, especially on horseback. A new gatepost had been ordered as a matter of urgency. A new gatepost was still awaited on FP23 (Brimley Lane to Piercehay Farm).

It was now the time for the annual Path Survey and some people had already agreed to help with this. Any problems should be reported to Cllr Fox and, since there was a limited amount of money left in the budget, ideas for improvement were sought.

The Chairman suggested that the Country Code should again be included in the Parish Magazine and posted on Facebook.

646 Police Report

PCSO Bolsover had submitted a report stating that reported crimes were down from last year:

December 2018 – 0 (compared to 1 for Dec 2017).
November 2018 – 1 (compared to 3 for Nov 2017).
Reported Crimes for 12 months 01/12/17 to 30/11/18 – 19 (compared to 21 for the previous year).

The Police were aware of an abandoned vehicle between Westhay Cross and the River Blackwater.
The Chairman said the Annual Litter Pick would take place next year and needed to be on next month’s Agenda to tie in with the national scheme the “Great British Spring Clean”.

A member of the Public reported that that the recycling lorry was still driving round with open flaps strewing litter all over the road.

647 Items of Urgency

Cllr Horrocks pointed out that there was an issue with the Parish Council Website which contained incorrect information and this despite a request for an update. It was suggested that other options could be investigated and it was agreed to put this on the Agenda for the next meeting.

648 Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Tuesday 15th January 2019 at 8pm following on the Playing Field Committee Meeting which starts at 7.15