Parish Council Meeting Minutes 19th December 2017


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe Chartered MCIPD, MCMI Newenham
5 Halletts Way Axminster EX13 5NB
01297 34444
Minutes of the Council Meeting held at the Hawkchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 19th December 2017 at 7.50pm

Present: Cllr’s N Over (Chairman), D Searle, S Bartlett, J Baker, T Greenshields, S Matthews, R Fox and R Churchill

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe), Cllr I Hall and five members of the public

424 Apologies
An apology was received from Cllr I Hall.
425 Declarations of Interest
There were no Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct made at this stage of the meeting.
426 Minutes
The minutes of the Council meeting held on Tuesday 21st November 2017 were adopted as a true record
427 Matters Arising from the Minutes
a) The memorial bench had now arrived and there would be a formal ceremony in the spring
428 County and District Report
Cllr Hall informed the meeting that there were continued concerns about the lack of High Speed Broadband in some rural areas. EDDC had passed a motion stating that 100% of East Devon should have this facility.
Pressure continues to be put regarding the proposed withdrawal of the 6th Form from the Axe Valley School. The Education Minister has been advised to hold back on the decision to close this facility. Cllr Hall once again made the point that highway defects should be reported on line so that there is a record of the complaint. He had attended a presentation regarding the new Universal Credit scheme. Whilst it was accepted that many people can be looked after at home following an illness he was still fighting for hospital beds in Seaton and Axminster. People were experiencing great problems with transport to Sidmouth or Tiverton hospitals. EDDC were looking at their budgets for the fortcoming year.

429 Democratic Period
No items
430 Reports from Councillors
The chairman had made a Section 106 presentation to the Village hall Committee.
The Playing Field Committee had received a donation of £100 from the Fete Committee. Having read the letter it was agreed that the clerk would write to the Fete Committee outlining the financial pressures of the council and the possible need in the future to charge a rent for the hiring of the field.
431 Playing Field
The clerk informed the meeting that he had spoken with Savills who had agreed that the council could use their own solicitors to draw up the lease if they wished. The chairman had spoken with EDDC with a view to getting the field protected. They had suggested that an application could be made to make it an Asset of Community Value. There was a question as to who owned the hedge by the field of the area commonly known as ‘The Rope Walk’. Agreed that chairman would pursue this with a view to, if possible, getting it registered in the name of the parish council.
432 Planning Applications
There were no new planning applications to be dealt with by this meeting.
433 Planning Determinations
17/2212/Ful Northhay Farm: Building: Approved 17/2265/Ful 1 red Pit: Single storey rear extension: Approved
434 Highways
A grit bin survey has taken place. Two bins required replacing. Any new location bins need to be financed by parish council.

The chairman has been in contact with our highways officer and a new scheme is being designed for the problems between Castle House and Castle Cross. Brimley Hill will also be looked at in the new year.
435 Rights of Way
Repairs to Bridleway 17a, repair to a stile on FP25 and inspection of the bridge BW44 to be dealt with by the County in January 18.Problem on FP 39 resolved by landowner. Problem with a gate at intersection of footpath 40 and bridleway 44 dealt with by the chairman.
Diversion of FP45 not felt practicable. Better signage may assist. In future County Council resources may be limited and it may be that parish council will need to pay £150 to top up the £500 annual grant. It was hoped that the parish might get a larger grant to assist with backlog of works.
436 Items of Urgency

437 Correspondence
A letter regarding highway issues from a parishioner would be discussed in more detail at the next meeting
438 Next Meeting

Tuesday 16th January 2018 at 7.30pm