Parish Council Meeting Minutes 21st January 2020


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe Chartered MCIPD, MCMI
5 Halletts Way
EX13 5NB
 01297 34444

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at the Hawkchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 21st January 2020 commencing at 8pm

Present: Cllr’s R Churchill (Chairman), S Bartlett, R Fox, L Harper, D Searle., Dr Nolan and J Baker

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe), Cllr P Hayward, Cllr I Hall and six members of the public.

128 Apologies
Cllr T Greenshields submitted an apology due to illness, which was accepted.

129 Declarations of Interest
Cllr R Fox –personal interest invoice for payment

130 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on the 19th November 2019 were adopted as a true record; and were signed by the chairman
131 Matters Arising
There would be a breakfast in aid of the Air Ambulance Landing Site fund on Saturday 25th January
Police Report
A short report had been circulated prior to the meeting which was noted.
133 County and District Report
There would be a meeting of the councils and police in the Yarty area at All Saints Village Hall on the 28th February commencing at 7pm. The Police and Crime Commissioner will be attending. The former EDDC HQ in Sidmouth has now been sold. Cllr Hayward asked if the council felt it would be useful to have a Yarty chairman’s forum, Both councillors had also submitted written reports; which had been circulated.
134 Democratic Period
A parishioner stated that the street light in Brimley Road was still not working. It had been recorded on the highway site. Complaints were raised in relation to the amount of trees being felled at Wyld Court.
135 Accounts for payment
Resolved to pay the following accounts : EDF £35.25, Hawkchurch Shop £600, Beviss Beckingsale £120, Darren Strawbridge £480, SLCC £50, SW Water £89.47, HMRC £347.70, Salisbury Diocesan £675, Lottery £200, EDDC £20, R Fox £32.33 & Salaries £357.04.
136 Financial Update
The financial update was circulated and adopted

137 Bank Reconciliation
Total financial assets as at 15/01/2020 was £37,311.78.

138 Section 106
A meeting had taken place with officers from EDDC and a number of sites and uses of the S106 funding had been identified. The clerk was concerned that we had still not received our funding from EDDC for the Tennis Court.

139 Planning Applications
There were no planning applications to be dealt with

140 Determinations
a) 19/2316/Ful Parricks Bungalow, Hawkchurch: Demolition of outbuildings and construction of hobbies room together with wildlife pond in garden: Approved
b) 19/2175/Ful Hawkchurch Playing Field: Installation of a 10m high emergency column topped with 2 LED luminaires for use by Devon Air Ambulance night landing: Approved
c) 19/2462&3 LBC & Full Wyld Court: Replacement conservatory and raising of garage roof- Approved

There was a question posed regarding whether planning permission was required for a large shed. The advice was that they should contact the enforcement officer at EDDC for the legal position.

141 Highways and Rights of Way
Awaiting works to bridleway 14 which have been delayed due to adverse weather conditions
Some potholes have been dealt with, but the recent wet weather has damaged the road surface on many roads. Cllr Searle was thanked for gritting the roads so that the school bus could operate. It was suggested that we might purchase a grit spreading machine. This will be looked into.

The following report has been taken from information provided from Cllr Greenshields and David Ashford

It was stated that some gritbins were full of water. This will happen if lids blow open. Bins will only be replaced if damaged, however parishes can agree to fund new bins if they wish. Cllr Greenshields has arranged for salt bags to be left near School. David Ashford, our highways officer, has made the point that all pothole defects must be reported via the website. Only those potholes that are to the repair designation will be dealt with. There are at present no outstanding pothole defects for Hawkchurch shown on the site. Gullies are cleared on an annual basis. Our gullies are in general due for this in April, however one was cleared by the old vicarage earlier this month. The asset scheme budget has listed the road from the school to Castle Cross for patching works in the near future

Cllr Fox stated that she had reported tree felling at Wyld Court. This had been inspected by the Senior Arboriculture officer from EDDC who had stated that the final decision rest with the landowner.

142 Website
The website is now up and running
143 Correspondence
Correspondence had been circulated via email as appropriate

144 Items of Urgency

145 Closing of meeting
The chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.05pm

146 Next Meeting
Tuesday 18th February 2020 at 7.30pm

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