Parish Council Meeting Minutes October 2020


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe Chartered MCIPD, MCMI
5 Halletts Way
EX13 5NB
 01297 34444

Minutes of the Council Meeting held by Skype on the 20th October 2020, commencing at 7pm.

Present: Cllr’s R Churchill (Chairman), R Fox, T Greenshields, L Harper, J Baker, S Bartlett and A Nolan

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe), Cllr I Hall and two members of the public.

240 Apologies
An apology was received from Cllr D Searle due to work. An apology was also received from Cllr Hayward.

241 Public Question Time
There was a question regarding whether the council owned the grass beside the car park (by the school). It was confirmed that the grassed area to the left of this car park is not owned by this council
242 Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct
Cllr R Fox declared an interest in an account for expenses being paid to her. She also made the point that these are paid by DCC and not HPC.

The clerk was informed that a number of declarations made at the meeting of the 22nd September had been omitted from the draft minutes. The clerk stated this would be rectified.

A criticism was made of the clerk not informing members that there was a gentleman on the zoom meeting on the 22nd September who had an interest in another application near to this one. The clerk stated that any member of the public has the right to attend a council meeting, whether that be a face to face meeting or one held virtually.

243 Minutes
The minutes of the Council meeting held on the 15th September were adopted as a true record.

The minutes of the Council meeting held on the 22nd September were adopted subject to the additional item of Declarations of Interest being added, and also s number of typos being corrected.
244 Matters Arising
The Police report was noted.
245 County and District Reports
Cllr Hall and forwarded a number of Covid-19 weekly briefs which had been circulated. No district council report had been received.

246 Finance
Accounts for Payment: The following accounts were agreed for payment:
EDDC £40.00, SW Water £39.63, R Fox £56.29, D Long £50.00 and HMRC £164.80

It was understood that the church clock had received its maintenance check and that an invoice would be passed to the council.

Additional Dog/Waster Bin
Resolved that an additional bin would be provided at the end of Piercehay Lane, adjoining Brimley Road, subject to the approval of the landowner and East Devon District Council.

Financial Update
The financial update, which had been circulated prior to the meeting, was approved.

Section 106/CIL
No update in relation to this, however some CIL funding is being forwarded by EDDC to our account.

247 Councillors Allowances
The clerk explained that under the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 members were entitled to claim an allowance providing the council had resolved that they may do so. There was a debate in which some members felt they would not wish to claim for one. The clerk then made the point that elected members could contact him and state that they did not wish to have an allowance. A motion That the Council adopts the Allowance Scheme for such eligible members wish to take it was carried. The agreed allowance would be £50 per year. The allowance amount to be reviewed prior to the 2022/23 Financial year.

248 Highways and Rights of Way
Cllr Greenshields informed the meeting that the Lengthsman had undertaken some work on clearing the banks and ditches. Cllr Nolan was concerned about the standard of work at Brimley Road. There was a great deal of rubbish left behind after the works had been completed.

Rights of Way
A wasps’ nest was removed from FP23 as people and dogs had been stung. The gate at the Downash Lane End of FP41 refused to shut and was realigned but several days later the field gatepost it was attached to fell over as it had rotted in the ground. The landowner has replaced the gatepost and rehung the footpath gate on a separate post. The core paths have been strimmed by DCC and the landowner has cut back overhanging vegetation and trees on FP40 and BW44. The gate at the Courshay end of BW44 will be retained at the request of the landowner as it is vital to prevent people taking 4 x 4s down the track. New fencing has been put up on FP43 which makes the path narrower but the remaining width is sufficient.

249 Planning
20/2194/Ful Beech Corner, Blackpool Corner. Raise the ridge level to part of the roof by 450mm and repositioning of roof lights. Members supported this application.
250 Determinations
The following applications had been approved by EDDC
Wellfield Parva for an extension
Lilac Cottage. Certificate of lawfulness for an ancillary home

251 Neighbourhood Plan
Cllr A Nolan stated that having a neighbourhood Plan would assist in future planning. She felt that it had been some considerable time since parishioners had been consulted about the future of the parish. There were concerns about the status of the playing field, which a Neighbourhood Plan could determine.

Cllr Hall spoke in favour of the parish having a Neighbourhood Plan

Resolved that a Steering group of parish councillors be set up to instigate the Hawkchurch Neighbourhood Plan.

252 Items of Urgency
The clerk was asked to contact EDDC regarding the position of the Old Inn in respect of the Community Asset Register. Whilst it was understood that the register entry was in place until the end of March 2021, it was understood that the property was up for sale, and some clarity was required on this position.

253 Correspondence
A letter received from a member of the public regarding the use of the Village Hall Car Park by non-hall users was noted, however it was agreed that this was not a matter for the council to discuss. The only car park owned by the council is by the school.

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