Parish Council Meeting Minutes September 2020


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe Chartered MCIPD, MCMI
5 Halletts Way
EX13 5NB
 01297 34444

Minutes of the Council Meeting held by Skype on the 15th September 2020, commencing at 6pm

Present: Cllr’s R Churchill (Chairman), R Fox, T Greenshields, S Bartlett and A Nolan

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe) and one member of the public

214 Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllr L Harper, J Baker, Cllr D Searle, Cllr P Hayward and Cllr I Hall; which were accepted.

215 Public Questions and Statements
No questions had been forwarded prior to the meeting or points put by the member of the public present.

216 Declarations of Interest
No Declarations of Interest were made at this stage of the meeting

217 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on the 21st July 2020 were adopted as a true record.
218 Matters Arising
Correspondence regarding a planning application for Lilac Cottage and dealing with problems with crows had been forwarded to councillors since the last meeting, and was noted.

Cllr T Greenshields had emailed members to inform them that the Devon Air Ambulance Site was now operational

219 County and District Councillors’ Reports –principle extracts pasted from his report
I have now completed the ‘Doing What Matters’ review with David Ashford, DCC Neighbourhood Highways Officer for the Axminster Division in terms of highways maintenance and drainage etc.

Given the nature of our mainly rural area this may be of interest to members of the PC where sometimes problems are hidden in plain sight and not always spotted.

The development of an app has been undertaken by the Clewer Initiative and supported by GLAA, NCA, Fresca Group and the Modern Slavery Helpline.
The app is called the Farm Work Welfare App (FWWA) and launched in late July.

FWWA is aimed at seasonal farm/rural workers and employers in the food picking, packing and processing sector. It seeks to provide a pocket resource for employers to aid them in strengthening their processes to prevent or identify labour exploitation within their operations, whilst also helping workers to understand their rights, learn what good practice looks like and arm them with the knowledge to identify exploitation. A reporting function is also provided which interlinks with the Modern Slavery Helpline. Content will be available in 8 languages covering the most vulnerable nationalities. The attached documents provide you with a greater insight into the app.

As we move towards what appears towards a more usual position health care services returning towards pre COVID-19 levels, it is evident that the R, D & E NHS Trust is going have to go a long way to return to where it would want to be for elective, non-elective and clinical surgeries.

The overall position at the R,D & E NHS is far from straight forward in terms of referrals, elective surgery and clinic, allied with other major procedures and not brilliant when compared to 2019.

I have extracted the key areas of interest for you as attached from our Council of Governors performance update from the 7th of August for June, where this month’s update is due shortly and have hopefully improved significantly from then.

Put simply COVID-19 and the impact on all sites in the R,D & E footprint has been huge, but because of many less cases in our area staff are now returning to their ‘day jobs’ in large numbers, which is having a month by month positive impact on the ‘metrics’ e.g. June had a 31% improvement of referrals over May, but that was still only just over 67% of cases handled in June 2019! Keeping the main site at Wonford fully operational and safe on non COVID and Covid work is a challenge in terms of clinical hygiene and safe staffing levels, with PPE working incredibly exhausting and adversely effecting efficiencies.

The Nightingale Hospital has currently been re-purposed to deal with the cancer referrals backlog, in advance of an anticipated winter spike in demand for a perfect winter storm pressure of flu, COVID-19 and some old people suffering from poor health, particularly during winter, where this is one of the Trusts major clinical priorities regarding early diagnosis and treatment. The Nuffield is currently contracted to do 8 clinics a day on hip replacements (Exeter world class in this field) where the backlog because of this procedure being halted in late March due to risk of post op infection massive and the Trust is working at optimum capacity taking many factors in to account, no least staffing levels.

In summary a case of clinical priorities where progress is being made in all areas, but clearly not quick enough in a system under huge pressure even before COVID-19, but where the big injections of cash and new staff recruitment is definitely helping. I hope out-patient appointments will be quicker to resolve than long term waiting on elective surgical procedures and the paragraph below gives me some cause for comfort, in particular the creation and now implementation of the outpatients hub and a massive technological boost via an intelligent platform patient record system called ‘MyCare’, which is going live in early October which will improve matters dramatically and quickly (£50m cost and yes, tested and has been running for some time in Exeter and other U.K. Hospital sites which will give the R, D & E a huge advantage over todays position and other Hospital Trusts!!).

Police Report
A report had been circulated.

221 Accounts for payment
Resolved to pay the following accounts: Website Payment £376.14, EDDC £109.20, Darren Strawbridge £250, Matt Electrics £478.56, EDF £32.13, J Vanderwolfe £90, Mrs Fox £21.89, PAYE £164.80 and Salaries £440.

222 Financial Update
The budget v actual figures had been circulated prior to the meeting and were agreed. The total financial assets were £41,524.66. A balance sheet of the income and expenditure for the Air Ambulance Landing site had been circulated. There would be a general thank you to all who contributed in the magazine and a letter would be sent by the chairman to those who had been kind enough to donate funds. Noted that £731.16 had been used from the Solar Farm fund.

223 Purchase of Council items
It was noted that if a councillor needed to purchase an item on behalf of the council prior approval was required. Any item purchased for the council needs to be clearly invoiced to Hawkchurch Parish Council so that any Vat can be reclaimed.
224 Section 106 Update
It had been hoped that a member of the EDDC team would be able to join this meeting for a further discussion.

225 Councillor Allowances
The clerk informed members that elected members could. If agreed by the council, claim a councillor’s allowance. This would be placed on the agenda of the October meeting.

226 Dog Bins/Waste Bins
There was a discussion on the possible provision of additional bins within the parish. The clerk reminded members that any new locations would need to be approved by EDDC, and would need to be easily assessable for collection purposes. Agreed that this item be deferred until the next meeting so that locations could be agreed.

The parish Lengthsman was due to visit the parish and undertake some work on drainage and hedging. Cllr Greenshields had met with David Ashford, our highways officer and had discussed issues in Wareham Road.
228 Public Rights of Way
Report from Cllr Fox
BW38, which runs from Langmoor Lane to Old Barn Farm, has a rotten gatepost on the Axminster border and DCC have agreed to replace it. The pedestrian gate on FP41 which runs from Courshay to Downash Lane was damaged during the recent rave party held by a local resident. This has now been repaired. The gate at the Courshay end of BW44 has had another bridle latch fitted. It has been decided that if this doesn’t work the gate could be removed altogether as it is not really necessary.
There has been an ongoing problem with maize planting on FP39, which runs from Brimley Road to Tilworth and the Council has written to the landowner. There is an issue with a wall at the Tilworth end which makes the entrance very narrow. This is being investigated by Emma Hellier at EDDC.
There have been a number of issues relating to FP21 which forms part of the Monarch’s Way. For some time the badger setts have been getting larger by the bridge at the back of Kay Thwaites’ land. There was a particularly dangerous section as you walked off the bridge heading towards the Fairwater Hotel. The sheep rails have been removed from the bridge structure and a handrail has now been installed making it much safer.
A colony of bees established a home in an ash tree by the bridge in July. Four Bee experts were consulted: David Chambers, Peter Field, Liz Byles and Caroline Dilke. Attempts to move the bees failed and netting was put up by Ros and Emma from DCC to encourage them to fly higher and thus avoid people walking on the path. Unfortunately, somebody decided to remove this netting, presumably under the mistaken impression it was harming the bees, and so two pallets were dropped in beside the bridge by Philip Wallis and David Long and thus far have been effective. A new Waymarker post has been erected to better define the path. Thank you to all Volunteers who helped.
During the last week two separate proposals have come in for the installation of lithium battery storage units at Woodcote National Grid substation which would affect the siting of the path and therefore the Monarch’s Way. Rights of Way at DCC have been consulted and the East Devon Ramblers and the Monarch’s Way Society have been informed. If both applications were approved it is difficult to see where the path could be diverted!

229 Planning
There were no planning applications for this meeting, however it was noted that there would be an extraordinary council meeting on the 22nd September to discuss a proposal for a battery storage facility adjacent to Woodcote substation. The applicant, Axis, would make a presentation. There would also seem to be another company interested in also having a similar facility, and they would be asked to make a presentation at a later date to be arranged.
230 Planning Determinations
• Castle House: Demolition of outbuildings. Approved
• Beech Corner. Extension. Approved
• Land East Brimley Cottage: Retrospective building. Approved
231 Government Planning Review
Cllr A Nolan stated that she was concerned about the implications of possible new planning rules being implemented by the Government which very much pushed development. At present Hawkchurch did not have a Neighbourhood Plan, which she felt might give the area some protection. The clerk stated that he was booked to attend a webinar on the proposed planning changes, and would update the council afterwards. It might be possible for Cllr Nolan to attend one of these webinars in the future. He also informed the meeting that Upper Marshwood Vale had recently completed their Neighbourhood Plan, and would be a good contact point. The Neighbourhood Plan would be placed on the agenda of the next meeting.
232 Items of Urgency
There were no items under this heading
233 Correspondence
• Village Hall now open but hirers responsible for cleaning under Covid-19. Clerk stated that hall management committees still remain generally responsible for ensuring Covid-19 rules are adhered to.
• Old Inn Community Asset. Letter received from a resident about this. Clerk stated present registration remained in place until end of March 2021
234 Date of Next Meeting
Agreed future meetings to be at 7pm
Need for a Playfield meeting in October
Next meetings
Extraordinary Meeting 22nd September 7pm
Meeting 20th October 20th October 7pm

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