Parish Council Minutes 26th May 2020


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe Chartered MCIPD, MCMI
5 Halletts Way
EX13 5NB
 01297 34444

Minutes of the Council Meeting held by Skype on the 26th May 2020, commencing at 6pm

Present: Cllr’s R Churchill (Chairman), R Fox, L Harper,T Greenshields, A Nolan and J Baker

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe), Cllr I Hall and one member of the public

Prior to the commencement of the meeting there was a minutes silence in memory of Alderman Councillor Douglas Hull, who had passed away recently. Cllr Hull had started his political career with Hawkchurch Parish Council, joining the then Axminster Rural District Council. He then served on East Devon District Council, Devon County Council and Axminster Town Council. He was Town Mayor of Axminster on three occasions. The meeting also remembered Guy Searle, a former chairman of our council and member for many years.

168 Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllr S Bartlett, Cllr D Searle and Cllr P Hayward

170 Public Questions and Statements
A parishioner had emailed the clerk with a complaint about the fact that wild flowers had been cut back on a bridleway in the parish as part of the clearance programme. Councillor R Fox stated that she had contacted the gentleman and would work towards retaining the wild flowers for a longer period next year. There were however concerns that this bridleway was much narrower than it used to be in years gone by.

Councillor J Baker informed the meeting that a parishioner had asked when the Community Asset status of the Old Inn Public House would expire. The clerk had informed her ( Cllr Baker) that this information could be found on the EDDC website. It was then clarified that the status would expire in April 2021.
171 Declarations of Interest
None made

172 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on the 18th February 2002 were adopted as a true record; and a signed copy would be forwarded by email to the clerk.
173 Matters Arising
None brought forward
174 County and District Councillors’ Reports
Both councillors had provided written reports which had been circulated prior to the meeting. Whilst Councillor Hall was in attendance on the on line meeting technical difficulties resulted in the meeting not being able to hear what he was saying. The clerk informed the meeting that Cllr Hall had passed on our application for Locality Funding towards the Devon Air Ambulance landing site today
Police Report
The chairman and the clerk had attended a meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner at All Saints Village Hall on the 28th February. Cllr R Churchill had circulated a short report, which had been circulated prior to the meeting. The police had circulated rural crime reports for March and April. There had been no reported crimes in the parish in April; but one burglary, non-dwelling, in March
176 Accounts for payment
Resolved to pay the following accounts: March Lottery £75.00, Daren Strawbridge £420.00, HMRC £330.00, I Churchill £750.00, SW Water £23.44, Garden Countryside £1863.60, Covic19 working party £495.00, Mr Salway-Robinson £200.00 and Community Council of Devon £50.00

177 Financial Update
The clerk had provided members with a financial update for the end of the year ending 31st March, and one that was for the present financial year up to the present time. The chairman queried why the actual Vat refund showed £2606, whilst the budget showed £276. The clerk explained that because Hawkchurch is not fully Vat registered it claims payments through a Vat126 system. The amount claimed was for the previous two years. The amount shown in the budget was the predicted amount for this financial year. The report was then adopted.

178 Bank Reconciliation
Total financial assets stood at £43,224.97.

179 Business Risk Assessment
The clerk explained that the council is required to make a statement regarding the internal controls of the council prior to the end of the financial year. This would have been done at the March meeting, which had been cancelled following Government instructions. The meeting accepted this fact and agreed that adequate measures were in place and tested, in line with the risks involved.

180 Governance Statement
Members had studied the statements made under this item, which had been circulated prior to the meeting, and agreed that it had complied during the financial year ending 31st March 2020.

181 Annual Accounts
The meeting approved the Annual Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2020.

182 Internal Auditor’s Report
The Internal Auditor’s report had been circulated prior to the meeting and was adopted. There were no issues raised by the auditor.
183 Certificate of Exemption
The meeting agreed that as both income and expenditure had been below £25,000 for the year ending 31st March 2020 there was no need to have an additional audit of the accounts; therefore the Council would take advantage of the Certificate of Exemption, which would be forwarded to the External Auditor.
184 Section 106 and Devon Air Ambulance Night Landing Site
Councillor R Churchill informed the meeting that whilst she had agreed to contact Jamie regarding theS106 agreements, this had not been possible due to the current paddemic.

The works on the Hawkchurch Community Landing Site would commence on the 2nd June. The clerk had prepared warning signs to be displayed on both entrances to the site. The Devon Air Ambulance Air Operations and Safety Committee are willing to provide a grant of £3,254 towards the cost of the scheme. The clerk has forwarded the application form to Toby Russell, the Community Landing Sites Officer. Cllr A Nolan had prepared a balance sheet that with this grant and an expected donation of £500 from the Fete Committee, and £500 from the Locality budget, we are nearly at our target. Any shortfall to come from the Council.

185 Tractor Attachment
This item was deferred due to Councillor D Searle not being in attendance

186 Highways
Councillor T Greenshields had submitted a written report, which had been circulated prior to the meeting. He had informed the meeting that the Highways Agency had swept the road and gullies from Wareham Road to Castle Cross in march. Several blocked drains had been cleared in Brimley Road. A drain at Horseshoe Farm, which has been reported to highways, needs digging out, but this will involve road works. The drain at Clouds Hill has been rodded several times by the lengthsman, but to no avail. The highway digger spent several days in April cleaning grips, easements and ditches. Patching work is presently being carried out from the school to the castle. Whilst some of the works had been notified, this had not included the area around the school, which did cause some problems. The lengthsman has cut the grass in our car park and has been asked to cut the bank opposite the playing field and by Wych Court. It was noted that a patch had been left near to the entrance to the Village Hall. Cllr Greenshields stated he would report this.
187 Public Rights of Way
Councillor R Fox had circulated a report prior to the meeting. She stated that after many months of inspection, planning and negotiating, the long awaited works to bridleway 14, which runs from Stonebarrow to Hawkmoor, had finally been completed. This has resulted in a much improved route for both walkers and riders. The Courshay gate on BW44 is awaiting a new latch. A fallen tree on FP10 (Philleyholme Mill) was cleared by volunteers, and the fallen tree on FP12, by the landowner. Overgrown holly on FP28 has been cut back by the landowner. The handrail at Tudhay (FP47) has been replaced. There are two issues on FP21, the steps by the solar panels and the hole by Badger Bridge await inspection by DCC. The hedge on FP40, which runs through the churchyard, and was encroaching onto the path, has been cut by a volunteer. However, three paths remain problematic, 39,50 and 51. This is due to maize planting. Landowners have been asked to clear these paths.

Cllr Fox made the point that she has put social distancing safety requirements as her top priority at all times. She has complied with guidance provided by DCC in relation to the cutting of core paths. This had to be done earlier to comply with social distancing, taking into consideration that more people are using the paths as part of their daily exercise. She had contacted the gentleman who had complained (see minute 170), and thought the matter had been resolved. The main problem is that the west end of BW44 is far too narrow to be a bridleway. A bridleway should be at least 3m wide. In addition FP41 is too narrow as a footpath (should be 2m wide).

Councillor Fox was thanked, together with all her helpers, for all their work on our footpaths and bridleways.

188 Hawkchurch Community Support (CHART)
Councillor A Nolan had presented a written report, which had been circulated prior to the meeting. The group was set up at the end of March to co-ordinate volunteer work and to allow grants to be applied for. Volunteers play key roles on a daily basis, in particular to the collecting and delivering of prescriptions and medicines, collecting and delivering supplies from the Community Shop, supporting the shop in a variety of ways, including staffing the telephone divert, which also acts as a general helpline and delivering leaflets house to house to ensure residents are aware of the help available. There are now 72 volunteers, although some have restricted activities in accordance with safeguarding polices. There have been two leaflet drops to residents of the parish. Hawkwell Park has been included in this distribution. Website coverage includes up to date advice about coronavirus, how the prescription collection system works, including how to register; and how to access medical advice. The most recent update included a wider coverage including the Community Waffle House in Axminster and Project Food. The website had been visited 1057 times since the 16th March, with a peak of 101 on the 21st March. The Council wished to thank everyone involved in CHART for their assistance in this difficult time.
189 Planning Applications
a) 20/0879/LBC and 20/0878/Ful Castle House: Demolition of range of outbuildings and replacement with one storage building and the installation of casement doors to house Annex
b) 20/0861/Ful Land east of Brimley Cottage: Construction of s building for a mixed use comprising agricultural and ancillary residential storage. Support
c) Other applications: Nil

190 Items of Urgency

191 Closing of meeting
The chairman declared the meeting closed at 6.45pm

192 Next Meeting
Tuesday 21st July at 6pm


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