Parish Council Minutes July 2021


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe FILCM Chartered MCIPD, MCMI
5 Halletts Way
EX13 5NB
 01297 34444

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at the Village Hall on Tuesday 20th July 2021, commencing at 7pm.

Present: Cllr’s Dr A Nolan (Chairman), D Searle, S Bartlett, Dr A Nolan, R Churchill and J Baker

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe), Cllr P Hayward (EDDC) and two members of the public.

363 Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllr T Greenshields and Cllr Hall

364 Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct
No Declarations of Interest were made at this stage of the meeting.

365 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on the 5th May 2021, having been previously circulated, were adopted as a true record.
366 Matters Arising
Concerns were raised that the dog bins were only being emptied about every three weeks. Cllr P Hayward stated that we would cover this item in more detail in his report, however there was a severe shortage of staff at this time

367 Democratic Period
The clerk reported that a parishioner had contacted him asking if the council were going to renew the Old Inn with EDDC as a Community Asset. The clerk had explored this option with senior officers of that authority who had stated that last time the local community had been unable to raise the finances required to purchase the pub. It had been generally felt that it would be better for the pub to be purchased by someone wishing to run it as a going concern. Cllr Nolan stated that she had examined the scheme and agreed that it really gave very little protection to retaining the pub unless the community wished to purchase it and then run it themselves. It was agreed that the council would not renew the community asset.
A comment was made that road safety had been significantly improved by the recent hedge cutting.
368 County Council Report
Cllr Hall had forwarded a report in which he updated members on the progress of the vaccination rollout programme across Devon. Proof of vaccination can be demonstrated using the NHS Covid pass service. People working in registered care homes will be required to have the two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine as a condition of their employment. He also mentioned the progress on Superfast Broadband and also the impact on people moving to the South West, with the ability to work from home, is having on the availability of affordable homes.

District Council Report
Cllr Hayward apologised for the poor service being provided by waste management which was due to acute staff shortages. He assured the meeting that the EDDC cabinet was trying to resolve the problem. The council are looking at possible sites for development, and whilst most of them in this area will focus on Axminster he stated that Hawkchurch could be asked if they could accommodate some growth in the future. There had been a substantial growth in road traffic recently in the evenings due to the main road to Chard being closed for essential road works. The council were looking at solar farms and the impact that they have on the environment, which needs to be balanced with the benefits that thy also bring.

370 Accounts for Payment
The following accounts were ratified: Salway Roberts £55.00 DCT Membership £50.00 EDF £34.36, DALC £132.12 and Darren Strawbridge £330.00.
371 Financial Update
The finance report was agreed. It was noted that the Parish Paths earmarked funds should read £1622.65. The financial assets as of the 13th July stood at £41,732.32
372 Highways
Members were pleased to see that the hedges along the principle roads into the village had been cut back.

373 Rights of Way
Cllr Fox informed the meeting that the contractors had cut back the grass and hedges in June and there were sufficient fund available within the P£ funds for a second cut if required later in the season

C Planning Applications
There were no planning applications for comment

375 Determination
The following planning applications had been agreed by EDDC
21/1011/Ful Coate Farm Garden room
21/0907/Ful Rose Cottage Greenhouse
21/0248/Ful Wyld Court Conversion 7 change of use of outbuildings
21/0188/Ful Barley Close Agricultural building

376 Neighbourhood Plan
Cllr Nolan presented members with a comprehensive document that outlined the process for the Neighbourhood Plan. The designated area had already been registered with EDDC. Cllr Nolan made the point that public engagement on all aspects of the neighbourhood plan was essential. She also made the point that the neighbourhood plan was primarily about planning, therefore she suggested that it could be run alongside a review of the parish plan so that other aspects of village life could be included. It needed to be noted however that whilst the neighbourhood plan would become a legal document that had to be taken into account by the principle planning authority this was not the case where the parish plan was concerned. A call for volunteers to assist with the neighbourhood plan would be made through the parish magazine and social media. It was agreed that there would be a number of open days in September and October. It was felt that the September date could include the annual parish meeting, which could be run on a less formal basis.
There is Government funding available for Neighbourhood Plans.

377 Annual Parish Meeting
As discussed in the previous item this would be run in conjunction with the neighbourhood plan and would be more of a social event with the possibility of refreshments being provided.

378 Correspondence
Relevant correspondence is emailed to members on a regular basis, and there was no correspondence that was required to be brought to the attention of this meeting.

379 Items of Urgency
.Concerns were expressed at the growing amount of Himalayan Balsam growing in the area which needs to be removed to prevent further spread.

Cllr D Searle was concerned about problems in relation to the non-availability of parking to other than village hall users. The clerk pointed out that decisions regarding the use of the car park was not part of the remit of this council. Cllr Searle stated that he accepted that but asked who could use the car park by the school. The clerk informed him that that car park was owned by the parish council and was available to anyone. Cllr Searle felt that that car park could be extended to provide additional car parking spaces. The clerk stated that this would need to be an item for the agenda of the next meeting as it involved a possible financial decision. There was also a need to determine the actual area of land to be discussed, which he stated would probably require a change of use planning permission. It was suggested that a site meeting took place prior to the next meeting and that a plan be produced.

380 Next Meeting
Tuesday 21st September 2021 at 7pm