Parish Council Minutes October 2022


Clerk to the Council:
Mr John Vanderwolfe FILCM Chartered MCIPD, MCMI
5 Halletts Way
EX13 5NB
 01297 34444

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at the Hawkchurch Village Hall on Wednesday 26th October 2022, commencing at 7pm.

Present: Cllr’s Dr A Nolan (Chairman), J Baker, D Searle, S Bartlett, T Greenshields, R Churchill , R Fox and J Dodson

In Attendance: The Clerk (Mr J Vanderwolfe), Cllr I Hall, Cllr P Hayward and 14 members of the public

521 Apologies
No apologies received.

522 Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct
Cllr J Dodson- Pecuniary Interest on planning application 22/2221/ful as this is his home.
Cllr S Bartlett- Pecuniary Interest on planning application 22/2216/MFUL as husband rents land adjacent to the application. Cllr D Searle declared an interest in an account being made to his company.

523 Minutes
The Minutes of the meetings held on the 19th July 2022 were adopted as a true record.

524 Matters Arising
525 Democratic Period
A parishioner asked the question as to how long land listed in the Local plan for possible future development remains as a possible development.
526 County Council Report
Cllr Hall had forwarded a report prior to the meeting which had been circulated. Issues relating to high amount of people with either flu or Covid remain. Devon County Council having serious financial difficulties which will result in some services having to be cut back to allow for statutory services to continue. Cllr Hall continues to fight to get a better deal for Devon schools. He was asked a question regarding the possible sale of land at Axminster hospital. He replied that there were no further developments in this area. He was concerned about the possible increase in the size of the Axminster substation in Pound Lane. He accepted that people were naturally concerned about the possible loss of power during the vulnerable winter period. He understood that factories and business premises would lose their power before domestic users. The growing cost of fuel was a big concern and some towns had set up warm locations where people could go to keep warm, however he understood that this was logistically harder in the rural areas.
District Council Report
Cllr Hayward acknowledged the concerns of Hawkchurch in relation to the impact of the installation of battery storage systems linking into the substation, both on environmental and safety grounds. Concerns were also raised about the Government policy of increasing housing throughout the East Devon area. He stated that Axminster had now learnt that it was earmarked for another 1,000 homes and Hawkchurch for 38.

528 Section 106
It was agreed that Zoe Gage would undertake a survey amongst the young people of the parish to establish what sort of play equipment they would like. It was understood that the final decision would be impacted by the restrictions on the amount of area available for this equipment, The chairman thanked Zoe for volunteering to undertake this task

529 Accounts for Ratification
The following accounts were ratified: Darren Strawbridge £444.00, GJ Searle £579.60, T Salway Roberts £168.00, D Long £20.00, T Salway Roberts £425.00, HMRC PAYE £112.80 and Total Energy £170.00.

530 Financial Update: Members had been circulated with an update of the expenditure/income v budget account. The financial assets as of the 3rd October 2022 was £47,156.81

531 Defibrillator Training
Cllr P Hayward was willing to run short defibrillator awareness sessions. Each session would last about 90 minutes. The maximum number of participants at each session was 25. The clerk had also sourced a one day first aid course provider at a very reasonable fee.
532 Highways
Cllr T Greenshields reported that it would seem that the badger problem had now been fixed. A number of highway works had recently taken place within the parish.

533 Rights of Way
Cllr R Fox reported that a number of gates had either been repaired or renewed in the parish recently. Cllr D Searle asked about the diversion of a footpath that leads off from the churchyard. Cllr Fox informed him that at present the County Council were not dealing with any diversion orders due to financial issues, however people could walk either the definitive route or the proposed diverted route. Cllr Searle then spoke about a possible diversion that he wanted on his land and expressed his concerns about people who walk anywhere they wanted to. The clerk informed him that in law a person should only walk on the definitive rout of the path, however he understood that sometimes people had difficulty accepting that.

534 Planning Applications
22/2221/Ful Courshay Springs: Construction of cider barn and tool shed. Note Cllr Dodson left the room for this application. Members agreed no objections to this proposal

Prior to discussions taking place regarding the next application the chairman explained that members had been invited to attend a zoom meeting organised by the National Grid. They had explained that there was a need to expand the sub-station and that as part of their license they had to cooperate with any applicants wishing to connect to their system. National Grid will be putting a planning application forward in the near future.

22/2216/MFUL Pound Road National Grid Power Station: Installation of a battery storage system with associated infrastructure and works. Members objected to this application both on the grounds of the detrimental effect it would have on the environment and safety concerns. It was felt that there were many gaps. It was agreed that the chairman would draft a detailed response to EDDC highlighting the material reasons for recommending refusal. Note Cllr S Bartlett not present for this application

22/2205/Ful Springfield: Construction of hip to gable roof enlargement, veranda to front elevation, two porches, alteration to fenestration and first floor side facing windows, insertion of roof lights within side facing roof slope. Members agreed to support this application.

535 Determinations
Following application had been approved by EDDC:-
• Brimley Cottage –extension
• Courshay Farm Cottage-Extension
536 EDDC Local Plan and Hawkchurch Neighbourhood Plan
The chairman had attended a meeting with EDDC regarding the EDDC Local Plan. This draft will go out to public consultation on the 1st November. Concerns were expressed by many at that meeting as to the short period of consultation being made available. EDDC had agreed to look into the possibility of extending that period. It was understood that new on-line software was to be used to gather feedback, however this is a new system and has not, it is understood, been fully tested. There was a surprise in store when she saw that the housing allocation for Hawkchurch had increased from 20 to 38. Axminster had been alarmed at the requirement to provide an additional 1,000 dwellings on top of the large increase that had already been allocated for the town. The chairman was also concerned that reference to energy storage within the document was very weak. She felt that there was a need to consult the whole parish regarding the possible implications of the Local Plan and to link it in to the Neighbourhood Plan. It is fully understood that the Neighbourhood Plan cannot go against the Local Plan, however at present any neighbourhood plan would be assessed against the present local plan and not the proposed one. All agreed that there was a need to raise awareness within the people of the parish and to listen to their views. It was also agreed that she would try and set up a meeting with Cllr Ledger, who is the lead councillor for this plan. It was agreed to set aside the sum of £400 from the earmarked Solar Farm funds to pay for printing and other costs associated with this project.

537 Correspondence
Correspondence had been circulated via email by the clerk when received
538 Items of Urgency

539 Closing of Meeting
The chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.20pm
540 Next Meeting

Tuesday 15th November 2022 at 7pm