Save the Fuss, Go by Bus!

Recently there’s been a fall in the number of people using the weekly bus service to Axminster. Taking the bus saves fuel costs and the hassle of parking and, if you have a Bus Pass, it’s free!

The bus leaves Hawkchurch at 10.25am on Thursday and arrives in Axminster Square at 10.45

It’s Market Day in Axminster and there are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants in the vicinity so time for a shop and a chat before returning.

The return journey leaves Axminster at 1pm and arrives back in Hawkchurch about 1.15pm. The return journey is a request stop so you must tell the driver where you want to get off!

It is hoped that the service will shortly be extended to Axminster Station to connect nicely with the 11.03 train to Exeter and the 11.06 to Waterloo.

The bus picks up / drops off at the bus shelter in Hawkchurch, or Wych Green where it turns around.

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