Car Park Problems

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We would like to remind residents and visitors that the village hall car park is not there as a permanent parking space for your cars. It is for the use of people who have booked the village hall for a function or event. It’s not fair on them if they arrive to find insufficient space in the car park because it is already half full of vehicles, especially as many people who use the hall are elderly, disabled or parents with small children.

We don’t mind people parking in the village hall car park for short periods although we would rather they parked round the back in the overflow parking area. But we do not want the car park occupied regularly by people who aren’t using the hall.

Please be considerate of others. Don’t use the car park when it is needed for an event – you can check by looking at the diary page here or the notice board in front of the hall.

If you rent out a holiday cottage, please explain to your guests that the village hall car park is not for their use.

Village Hall Management Committee

Village Hall News

Updated 18th October. The Village Hall has now reopened for business for a limited number of hirings, starting with Toddler Group every Thursday morning at

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