Opening the Village Hall

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To all Village Hall users:

The Village Hall Management Committee has decided to open the hall for a limited number of hirings or other public events from 1st October. The events will have to be of the kinds currently allowed by law, and the organisers will have to follow certain safety procedures which we will set out for them.

We will provide a hand cleaning facility at the entrance, as well as in the kitchen and toilets. We will put up signs directing people to use appropriate doors and giving other advice; and we will do whatever we can to help event organisers minimise the risks.

However, we won’t be able to clean the hall before or after every hiring. Instead we will only organise a once-weekly routine cleaning of the hall, and we will advise hirers themselves to wipe surfaces and objects just before starting their session.

I’ll be writing to all regular users soon to give fuller details of the new hiring conditions. Briefly, we will ask you to keep people two metres apart, to encourage people to wash hands, to follow instructions on any signs, and to wear masks where possible (though for many activities that won’t be necessary). We estimate the hall can safely accommodate a maximum of fifty people, provided the two-metre spacing rule is respected.

We understand that the new rules and precautions, as well as the epidemic itself, will put many people off using the village hall. For many people, of course, the safest policy is still to stay at home as much as possible. But if you are interested in hiring the hall, please contact me now to reserve your preferred dates. You can always cancel them later if necessary.

Any sessions that you booked before 17th March this year are assumed cancelled unless you contact me to confirm them. So if I don’t hear from you I’ll take it that you don’t want to restart yet and that you don’t want to maintain any bookings you previously made.

We hope this policy will meet the needs of most hall users, though we welcome suggestions for improvements. Of course we expect things to change in the future, hopefully for the better, and we will keep you informed of any changes of policy.

Best wishes to all,

Peter Mitchell, Hawkchurch Village Hall Management Committee
tel. 02197 678 674 – e-mail
mobile (not usually available) 07486 174310

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