Dog fouling

As more people are taking exercise by walking their dogs locally we have become aware of a dog fouling problem. This has included the Church premises and also School Close where young children play.

As well as being unpleasant and unsightly, dog mess can carry a parasite called toxocara which can lead to toxocariasis infection. At it’s worst this infection can cause blindness.

Please clear up after your dog wherever it fouls.  Across East Devon it is an offence not to clear up in any public place.  Anyone reported to the council is likely to be issued with a fine of £80.

See below to find out how you can report dog fouling.

How do you dispose of dog mess?

  • Always carry a bag or suitable item to pick up and contain your dog’s mess
  • As with other waste and litter, please take your dog waste home if you can and dispose of it in your landfill bin.  Alternatively use any litter bin or dog bin
  • Please help keep East Devon clean

Where must you pick up?

  • Dog owners and dog walkers must always pick up when they are in a public place across the whole of East Devon, including the beaches.  The legal requirement for this is set out in our dog control Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) (dog control PSPO part 01 and dog control PSPO part 02)
  • The order does not cover Forestry Commission land but you should always pick up after your dog everywhere.

What happens if I don’t pick up?

  • Fixed Penalty Notice for £80 will be issued whenever possible if an offence is witnessed by an officer or on information provided by a member of the public
  • If the fine is not paid the case will be taken to court and this could result in a fine up to £1000.

What can you do if you witness a dog fouling offence?

Please report offenders and hotspots online. We need the following information to do this:

  • Description of the dog
  • Description of the person in control of the dog at the time
  • Name and address of person in control (if known)
  • Vehicle registration number of person walking the dog (if known)
  • Details of the incident (including date and time)

What is done to reduce dog fouling?

  • We take every opportunity to educate people to be responsible dog owners
  • We include “Pick it up” messages on signs in our parks and open spaces and on other dog signs. 

Dog fouling and dog bins

Q – Can I use a litter bin if there is not a dog bin nearby?

Yes. However, where possible please use a dog bin. If neither is available, please take the waste home with you and dispose of it in your landfill bin. If you have to use a litter bin please ensure it is properly bagged.