Election of County Councillor – Statement of Persons Nominated

 East Devon District 

Election of one County Councillor 

The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a County Councillor 

Axminster Division Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any) Name of Proposer, Seconder Invalid 
HALL  Ian L 1 Cawley Avenue, Axminster, EX13 5EP Conservative Party Candidate Moulding Andrew T, Flint Simon J 
HAYWARD  Paul G East Devon District Independent East Devon Alliance Farrow Joanna J, Forbes John A 
HOYLES  Jules Wrens, Beacon, Honiton, EX14 4TX Liberal Democrats Jordan Robert W, Jordan Gillian M 
TUCKER  Oliver S East Devon District Labour and Co-operative Party Tucker Clive R, Stevenson Ruth 

Summary of the Annual Parish Meeting

Tuesday 16th November 2021 at 7pm.                                                                       By Roz Fox The meeting was chaired by

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