Notice of Elections

East Devon District Council Election of Parish Councillors and District Councillors

Parish council elections

Town and parish council elections in East Devon are held every four years.  The next date is Thursday 4 May 2023. 

By-elections are held to fill any casual vacancies as and when they occur.

Town and parish councillors are elected for a term of four years and must seek re-election at the next full elections if they wish to remain in office. Any councillor elected mid-term as a result of a by-election must also seek re-election at the next full elections.

District council elections

EDDC hold elections for all members every four years. The next election is on Thursday 4 May 2023

Following a Boundary Commission review, for this election the district is divided into 30 electoral wards and there are 60 district councillors representing the wards. Refer to council and democracy for further information about district councillors.