Parish Council in Lockdown

The current advice from government means that we are unable to hold meetings in the Village Hall and we anticipate this being the case for some time. We have now been permitted to hold virtual meetings and we are scheduling a virtual meeting on the 26th May at 6pm. Meanwhile some Parish Council business is being dealt with by email.

While we are unsure whether we would be able to open a virtual meeting to the public, if you have issues to raise you are able to do so by contacting the Clerk at any time – details are on the Who’s Who page. He will ensure your issues are brought to the Parish Council.

We have also been unable to hold the Annual Parish Meeting (which would normally have been held in April) and while this is postponed indefinitely we still welcome input from parishioners to the Parish Council Meetings. and you can contact any of your Parish Councillors – details are on the Who’s Who page.


The Parish Council has a vacancy. If you are interested in becoming a councillor please get in touch with the Clerk.