Terms of Hire

Sessions are AM / PM / Early evening / Late evening.

  1. No sub-letting of any part of the Hall is allowed.
  2. The maximum number of people in the Hall at any time shall not exceed 250.
  3. Under the terms and conditions of the licence for Singing, Music and Dancing the Hall maybe used between 10.30am and midnight.
  4. A licence must be obtained if alcohol is to be sold.
  5. The Hirer/s to be responsible for any loss or damage to the property or premises.
  6. The Hirer, or responsible person appointed by them, must ensure that:-
  • No exits are blocked at any time.
  • Hall users are familiar with the Fire Exits available
  • No nails, pins, tacks, tape, blutac or similar are to be used on the walls.
  • At the end of the hire they will also be responsible for:
  • Cleaning of the hall
  • Removal of all rubbish
  • Closure of all windows
  • Drawing back of all curtains
  • Turning off of main water supply
  • Switching off of all lighting and heating
  • Securing of all doors and locking of the premises 

A stage is available, free of charge, for use in various parts of the hall. Consisting of 5 components of various size. Please discuss your needs at time of hire. 

£50 deposit to be paid at time of booking 

Any information given when signing the hire agreement should be correct and any mis-statement or misrepresentation will invalidate that agreement.