War Memorial

The War Memorial is a key and historic focal point in the village and how it is maintained is important to many Parishioners. The Parish Council and its’ Asset Committee will be carrying out a full consultation of every household but to begin with we would like any suggestions anyone has which can be used as the basis for consultation on options. 

We already have suggestions about:

  • Planting and grass cutting
  • Cleaning vs leaving in a more natural state (we are taking professional advice on this to inform options)
  • Access, including disabled access.


How would you like it and the area around it to be maintained? 

Please use the suggestion box below to submit your ideas, or (if you are unable to use the website) call Ann Nolan on 678613.


Hawkchurch Parish Council and Asset Committee


April 2024

Submit your ideas using this form...

By providing your name and postcode we can be sure that the suggestions are coming from bona fide residents of the Parish and if you choose to enter your email or phone number it will allow us to contact you if we have questions about your ideas.

This is not a consultation as such, it is a request for ideas about the future management of this important memorial.